A good majority of new brides and grooms remember the most important day in their lives through pictures because they were too busy living it to notice what was happening. That is why photography has such an important place when getting married; after all, you want to remember every little moment. Wading through countless ads for photographers who specialize in capturing these precious memories can prove exhausting; but at Tees Valley Weddings we believe making decisions are best handled when they're easy!


The scope of a wedding photographer is broader than most may think. A wedding photographer needs to understand different lenses and specific kinds of camera equipment so they can create the perfect shot for each type of venue.

For this reason, one must be knowledgeable about all forms of photography - portraiture, candid photographs, event photography, etc in order to be a successful wedding photographer.

But what sets us apart from other photographers is that we put as much thought into the details as we do into finding an aesthetically pleasing shot.

This means paying attention to more than just how things look at first glance; but also considering how everything comes together visually when photographing people or places.

This level of professionalism and dedication ensures that you receive top quality photographs which will stand out among everyone else's photos and capture those unforgettable moments forevermore!

Contact us today so we can make those memories perfect!